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“Zi-Gong asked, saying, ‘Is there one word
which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life?’

“The Master said, ‘Is not Reciprocity such a word?
What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.’”

—from The Analects of Confucius

About us

On the history and mission of

We live in a nation debauched — all of us. It is the nation of the pathocratic global ruling elite, a self-constituted aristocracy of moral morons whose fundamentally psychopathic thinking, amplified and normalized by a media environment that it owns and controls, has become a moral pandemic. Heeding the blandishments of this cabal, we have forgotten the empathy that makes of us Homo sapiens as distinguished from Homo ferox, a quality without which we are lost to moral evolution if not to mere survival. And today, for the first time in our history, we as a species are the single most potent force shaping our world.

In this epoch, which science calls the “anthropocene,” our collective deeds matter as they never have in ages past. Our people, our pursuits, our pollution pervade and transfigure the planet: The species that can put plutonium in the peaks of the Himalaya and plastic in the deepest trenches of the Pacific can no longer afford to ignore its own power.

It was with this thought that our founding editor, Ismail Abdelirada, years ago laid the plans for this site. Long before he ever wrote, edited or uploaded a page, he secured a web hosting account and a domain name, feeling that although he was busy with other projects at the time, he would sooner or later want to create a site under his own autonomy to do his best to warn the ordinary citizens who gain little and risk all under this gain-obsessed elite of the inevitable destination to which moral unintelligence must lead. And then he succumbed for 16 months to the blandishments of distraction, in the form of StumbleUpon blogging.

Like most people, Ismail can be lazy at times. To write the foundational theses he knew he must is hard; to write short essays and reviews as inspired by reading of current news and ideas presented on a myriad of web pages, not so hard. Thus was born the blog that is the source of most of the pages now on this site.

Of what lasting value, if any, these pages may be is a matter for conjecture. Perhaps time will render them all obsolete, stale or unintelligible; perhaps it will make of the best of them such universal common sense as to obscure all individual origin. But in sum, they do represent the product of much thinking and much writing — not all of which was easy or trivial to do. So, for potential historical reference of value to those seeking another view to oppose that of the elite if nothing more, here they are.

Meanwhile, StumbleUpon forced Ismail’s hand. Citing a desire to simplify its users’ experience, the corporation chose to make of its site what many former users describe as “a bookmarking service.” In the process, it decided to eliminate all of its users’ blogs, reducing them to “comments” over whose appearance users had no control in a uniformitarian scheme in which everyone’s work looks essentially identical.

So, as JRR Tolkien expressed it, “Oft evil will will evil mar.” No more was there any distraction or any easier path, and Ismail transferred his efforts to, as he had always suspected that he must in the end; purpose and duty cannot be eluded forever. Not all that once constituted his blog will ever be seen here, but enough has been and will be imported to give depth to the site: Herein shall appear not only the foundational theses, but also many less consequential commentaries that apply those theses to the events of the time in which they were written.

We hope that you will find in these commentaries something of worth: as contemporary historical documents, as original thought originally expressed, or occasionally even for the mere enjoyment of reading them. But know that they will not remain the nucleus of this site. The hard work, God willing, will be accomplished, and the real mission of this site be fulfilled: presenting a thesis of moral intelligence, of interdependence, of unity, liberty and equality to confute the psychopathic antithesis that declares each of us sufficient unto himself and obligated to nothing save our own impulses.

Until then, we beg your patient indulgence. We have not forgotten, nor will forget, our purpose here; but to achieve it is hard at best, and the slings and arrows have rained down thick of late. One page at a time, we persevere and progress under fire, edging forward when it abates and taking cover when we must. And with whatever apparently glacial lentitude, in sha’ allah, we will one day soon present here what we have set out to do.

About our banner

The seascape image constituting the banner at the center of our tabbed navigation system does not, to the best of our knowledge, represent any actual place. It is a scene from near the middle of a mental “movie” that appeared to Ismail upon listening to Zohar’s “Angel” (track 6 on the CD OneThreeSeven).

The bright glow at the center behind the rock bearing the lighthouse is not the sun. It is better described as a messenger manifesting as a point of candescence so intense as to illumine the night sky and all upon which it shines as if by daylight; but it is to be noted that unlike a sunrise, it does not banish the night.

What more this signifies will appear in time in a work of verse, Ru’yaa, being composed as time and inspiration dictate. It will be published when finished; when that will be is not possible to say at present.

About our navigation system

Although the tabs surrounding the banner image are of uniform coloring (silver with black text) in their default state, you will find on mousing over them that each is associated with a separate primary (red, green, blue), secondary (yellow, aqua, purple) or tertiary (orange, chartreuse, turquoise, azure, indigo, magenta) color, and should be read clockwise from the top left to form a complete dodecachromatic spectral cycle. These shades correspond to those appearing on the menu navigation buttons on the right side of each page, as well as the text color of links appearing throughout the pages: Thus, red corresponds to the main or Home domain, orange to the Economy subdomain, yellow to Government, and so forth.

You may have noted that this system doesn’t correspond to the conventional (“ROYGBIV”) spectrum you learned in high-school physics. This is no accident. The ROYGBIV convention is obsolete, from the perspectives of both modern physics and digital arts color theory, as Ismail’s daughter vociferously observed from the outset of her own fascination with the digital arts. The correct basic spectrum, she noted, was one including the primary and secondary colors; ROYGBIV mistakenly imputed undue significance to the tertiary orange and indigo while omitting the secondary aqua (or cyan, as she prefers to call it). In her interpretation, the spectrum should consist of six colors and include the RGB scale plus cyan, yellow and magenta from the CMYK scale used in printing. Here Ismail respectfully disagrees as to detail, preferring “aqua” and “purple” to “cyan” and “magenta,” but has now accepted the general premise and applied it herein.

About our logo

You may have noted, in examining the “i” in our logo, that it resembles a kneeling human figure. This is an accident, although a felicitous one. Our intention was to provide a contrast of fonts to correspond to the contrast of colors in the abbreviation “Mi” representing our site name in both the static logo and the animated favicon that appears in browser address bars. It was also intended to suggest multiple interpretations, since the italicized “i” has multiple applications: “Intelligence,” in this case, is of course the principal intended meaning, but one can also see in it the conventional initial for “information” as well as that for “internet” as used in the trademarks for various articles of hardware and software (e.g., the iMac, the iPod, etc.), all of which seemed apropos given our content and venue of presentation.

But we must confess that we do appreciate the significance, however incidental or even accidental, of the stylized human-like figure apparently kneeling before the symbol of morality limned against the light brought by the messenger introduced in our banner image. It is one of those seeming instances of synchronicity that appear to lend confirmation to a choice made without premeditation of such an effect, and as such we smile to see it.

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