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As the proverb has it, “No man is an island.” Websites are no different: If they have a mission to fulfill beyond the fattening of their operators’ wallets, they must do so in solidarity with other sites dedicated to similar missions and principles. Since this site explicitly renounces all fetters of parochial “in-group” affiliation, so much the more must it embrace the allies it finds around the world, in Cairo as in California.

We have chosen, however, a somewhat unorthodox means of linking to our allied sites. Rather than follow the conventional pattern, building a page or series of pages linking to a multitude of such allies, we have decided to experiment by creating a separate page for each. Only thus, we think, can we avoid the pitfalls of presenting too much competing information on a single page, and only thus can we allow ourselves scope for a fully scalable presentation on each ally.

This implies certain consequences, however; principal among them, we will prefer quality to quantity, leaving room to provide more information about any given site, but strictly limiting the number of sites discussed. Only after we feel a sense of trust and confidence, with a corresponding assurance that we will offer no false encomia, will we proceed to present a profile.

Such a limitation proceeds in part from practical considerations: To create hundreds or thousands of pages introducing other sites would be to create too much of a demand on our time, at the expense of the fulfillment of our own mission. It also flows from our desire to promote in this manner only the sites whose operators we are quite certain are sincere and genuinely understand the principles of moral intelligence, and central to whose content is an embodiment of that understanding.

In time, many sites may find themselves represented in these pages. But this we will leave to the future: If the vagaries of our growth suggest it, sufficient contributors offer to write them, and time permits, the pages will appear; if not, they won't. For now, however, be assured that no profile will appear in this section that does not feature a site that’s really morally aligned with us, despite all superficial distinctions of creed and place.

Our friends and allies

Below appear links to profiles for each of our allies. Click to see the profile, or merely scan to see with what sites and blogs we associate ourselves should you wish to clarify in your mind whom we name friend.

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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