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“We live in one world under one sky.

“If a human being doesn’t feel the pain of his fellow human beings, then
everything we’ve created and established since the very beginning of existence is in
great danger. We shouldn’t let borders and differences separate us. We were
made different to complete each other, to integrate and live together.

“One world, one pain, one humanity, one hope.”

Muhammad Salahuddin Nusair

‘واحد علام، واحد ألم’ : ‘One world, one pain’

Once it combined — with whatever seeming incongruity — “politics” and “literature”; today, it means nothing but a reference to its author’s name (although one could facetiously translate it as something like “victoriousnesses”). Roughly in step with this series of incarnations, the blog has also undergone several design changes, and now sports an eye-catching banner featuring the name of the site in an intricate font that was obviously custom-designed by an accomplished artist, although the red and gold shield near the top right corner of the page has been a Nusair trademark as long as we can recall. To be sure, this is no quotidian blog.

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'From Cairo with love': a screenshot of
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But neither name nor design means anything without content, and whether as the quondam Politirature or the present Nusaireyat, this site is one that we can recommend to you without a qualm: The author understands, in terms virtually identical to our own, the tenets that define moral intelligence and this site. In fact, our founding editor has recommended it at least four times since he first encountered it.

Since there is no avail in a twice-told tale, we therefore refer you to some past articles Ismail Abdelirada has written about this blog under both of its names: (1) One specifically about the blog itself appears here. (2) A second page refers to the simultaneous protests against economic pathocracy in Cairo and Wisconsin, in which a photo of the author (below) became a globally acclaimed icon of the solidarity between Egyptian and American workers. (3) Still another analyzes the author’s proposed international youth movement. (4) And a fourth refers to the author in the context of the global confrontation about economic inequality.

Workers stand together

‘One world, one pain’: In Egypt and America, workers are joined in battle against the same pathocratic elite.
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Nusair is young — 21 as of this writing — but his words prove that wisdom is not always a function of age; it is learned through the bitter tuition of the experience or unprejudiced observation of injustice, and there are many who live long and never learn it, while others are almost born with it. Given its origins, it is not always an enviable condition, but it merits recognition and respect, for if followed it may light our way to deliverance.

Perceiving that Nusair and he are delivering the same message in their different ways and words, Abdelirada calls him not merely ally but also friend. Accordingly, we have published earlier versions of two articles from this site on his blog, and we hereby publicly invite him to reciprocate. Whether in English or Arabic, his posts are always welcome here.

Click here to visit Muhammad Salahuddin Nusair’s blog.

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