Last modified: 7:58 AM Saturday, 14 January 2017

World’s smallest staff?

Appearing below is the shortest masthead in journalistic history (or at least tied for that honor): To date, it consists of one staff member. A number of writers have expressed interest in contributing articles; these will flesh out the site in time, but for now the skeleton is still being assembled.

As you will see on a separate page, needs at least one good programmer/web designer with experience in working with bones forms, comment modules, registration systems and social media. Also needed is an SEO expert to help get us on the search-engine “map” so that all the writers’ contributions don’t remain shrouded in perpetual obscurity.

If you have these skills, or know someone who does and might be interested in our project, please communicate with us through our Contact Us page.

Meanwhile, our masthead, such as it is.

Staff Directory

Founding Editor: Ismail Abdelirada

Peace, liberty, unity, justice, equality
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